In Absence of Shadow

In Absence of Shadow, Galleri Duerr 19/5–23/6 2022

Eva-Teréz Gölin’s artistic practice is informed by the photographic image and it’s context. Gölin’s background in professional image editing and Fine Art printing forms the basis of her work – to transform the intangible and sometimes invisible information in the digital image files into a physical dimension.

Gölin’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, In Absence of Shadow, is built upon the artist’s latest work Deflation presented together with three pieces from the series Evidence of No Importance as well as a third image, After Image. This collection of work is based upon the idea of the photograph’s relationship to reality.

Gölin reconnects to her previous work by continuing to explore the beach and the swimming pool as a borderland between pleasure and self-inflicted vulnerability, focusing on images of a deceptive calm that takes place in a so-called ‘lazy river’.

To slowly glide downstream in a predetermined path could be seen as a metaphor for many individuals’ passivity in the face of the climate crisis. A threat, something that has not happened and therefore not tangible – exists in stark contrast to the image that the photographic image represents – a latent image that is only visible when the threat is executed.

Eva-Teréz Gölin was born in 1972 in Gothenburg, where she now lives and works. She has studied a post-graduate course at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm (2016-2017) and has an MFA in photography from the Valand Academy in Gothenburg where she has been teaching since 2019.