Green is the Colour of Envy

gna project 15-17/11 2019

Desire: Not being satisfied, when others have more. So much energy is devoted to creating the perfect home. Kitchen taps, designer lamps and bathroom tiles, everything needs to be replaced with the latest thing on the market. The hunt for happiness and status urges us to boundless consumption beyond all rhyme and reason.

The climate:  Through social media, we keep informing the world of our latest purchases and our wonderful holiday. We send greetings from distant beaches even though the earth’s average temperature is rising. This is the age of consumerism.

Green is the colour of envy: This exhibition features two works, Selected Subjects and Fuel. The series Selected Subjects is based on thousands of interior design adverts, where the essence of each ad is extracted using advanced machine learning technology. The works from Fuel are depictions of Google’s 3D rendering of the world. In a time of global warming, the Fuel series is an attempt to visualise our dependence on fossil fuels and our inability to change our behaviour. The bird’s-eye perspective of this simulation of reality shows our vulnerability and exposure to the powers of nature.