Collapse of a Mass

Gallery Duerr 16/1 – 28/2 2020

Hendrik Zeitler, Annika Thörn Legzdins, Mattias Wallin, Inga Linn Härdelin, Lars Dyrendom, Eva-Teréz Gölin

By bringing together a group of artists with a common interest in nature and landscape, the exhibition Collapse of a Mass asks questions and voices concern for the sustainability of our environment. The terrain and the waters that surround us — newly plowed fields, roaring waterfalls, barren coasts and paved landscapes — are depicted through abstract painting, photography, photogram, photogrammetry and chemigrams.

As several works question the exploitation of land, sea and economic growth, we have already reached the stage where something has to be done. The closeness, and therefore the understanding of nature, has failed. It requires a rethink.