Eva-Teréz Gölin (b. 1972) lives and works in Gothenburg. She has studied at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Novia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and holds an MFA in photography from The Valand Academy in Gothenburg.

Gölin’s work problematizes issues of consumption, sustainability and climate change. Her starting point is the photographic image, often in the form of appropriated imagery. Recurring in Gölin’s practice is a questioning of vision, perception and the relation to reality that is usually attributed to the photographic medium. In recent years, she has used imagery originating from Google Maps 3D and Street View to study and portray consumption phenomena and how we, in the western world, have structured our society around a constantly growing economy.

With a background within image editing and fine art printing, digital processes and materiality are both important aspects of her artistic practice. Although several of Gölin’s works borrow the characteristics of montage and image manipulation, the post-processing she does is often minimal or even non-existent. Instead, the digital processes she uses are part of the creation of the images and the appearance is a result of the digital technology’s interpretations of the photographic imagery used.