Eva-Teréz Gölin (1972) is an artist and photographer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and Arts from Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland. She is currently studying at the Master program of Photography at Valand Academy in Gothenburg and has previously studied at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.

Her works concerns consumption, economy and environmental issues in connection to our strive for happiness and success. She is working both with photography and found imagery. In several of her works automated digital processes play an important role.

In addition to exhibiting, artist’s books play an important part of her practice, either as a book in a smaller edition or as an object as part of an exhibition. She has released two artist’s books “Mobil” and “Without Interrupting Your Life” and the book Eclipse will be released next year.

Eva-Teréz has been awarded a one-year working grant from Swedish Authors’ Fund for her book Without Interrupting Your Life and funding for the upcoming book Eclipse from Längmanska Kulturfonden.